General fees are charged at a rate of $51 per credit hour and are used to support a variety of activities for students. A portion of the revenue generated from general fees is allocated to the Student Senate which, in turn, uses the monies for student planned events. Other general fee revenues are budgeted by the college for college operations directly related to student activities. General fees assessed to off-campus students are used to support off-campus operations.

A technology fee is assessed to support updated computer hardware and software on campus and in the Outreach Centers.

Course fees may be assessed in such areas as art, auto mechanics, computer science and other programs as described in the Schedule of Courses publication. There are other fees and charges which accompany a student’s enrollment at the college. These fees or charges may be determined by contacting the college offices which administer the programs or activities in which the student intends to enroll or participate.

Specialized fees may be assessed such as a horse barn fee (boarding a horse), records fee, ID card replacement fee or gym locker replacement fee.

For the updated fee schedule, contact the Student Records Office.