PEAC 1600 Ice Climbing

This beginner-intermediate level course is best suited for students with an understanding of rock climbing fundamentals. The student will learn the skills and techniques associated with climbing and belaying on vertical waterfall ice. The student will practice the proper use of ice tools, crampons, ice screws and safety equipment. Course focuses on assessing and mitigating potential hazards in steep mountainous terrain in winter conditions. All clothing and equipment must meet instructor approval.  (2 lab).


1 credits

Major Topics

Techniques for climbing, belaying and rappelling on ice

Developing a natural and efficient swing with ice tools

Developing an accurate and efficient kick

How to stay warm and comfortable

Proper equipment selection and use

Proper and efficient placement of ice screws

Building V-threads

Belay stance and rope management techniques

How and when to retreat from an ice climb

Leave No Trace travel, camping, & climbing skills for winter environment


In order to successfully complete this course, the student will:

Demonstrate progression of the techniques and skills for climbing waterfall ice

Apply techniques for minimizing risks in vertical winter terrain

Effectively plan an ice climbing day trip

Other Information

Any information placed here must be adhered to by all instructors:

  1. All student-owned equipment must meet instructor approval

  2. Students may incur additional cost for equipment rentals

  3. Instructors must be currently certified wilderness first responders familiar with CWC’s Outdoor Activity Risk Management Plan.

  4. Instructors must have guiding/instructing certification through either NOLS or American Mountain Guide Association.