MATH 1100 Number and Operations for Elementary School Teachers

This course is for prospective elementary school teachers. Its purpose is to prepare student to be competent in teaching major concepts and skills related to the real number system with the four arithmetic operations. It includes asking and answering critical questions about subsets of the real number system, including natural, integer, and rational numbers. Prerequisite: Completion of MATH 0930, test into MATH 1100 or higher, or concurrent enrollment in MATH 1331. (3 lect.) MATH 



3 credits

Transfer Status

Equivalent to UW.

Major Topics

  • Problem Solving Strategies
  • Number Systems and Sets
  • Operations with Whole Numbers
  • Integers and Number Theory
  • Rational Numbers as Fractions


In order to successfully complete this course, the student will:

Discuss historical numeration systems and apply properties of logic to sets.

Explain the rules of arithmetic for whole numbers, fractions and decimal values.

Apply strong arithmetic computational skills, both written and mental.

Design mathematics lesson plans appropriate for the elementary classroom.