Directed Study

Directed study courses may be offered in any discipline depending upon available instructional resources. Students may not enroll in more than one directed study course each semester. Directed study courses utilize an independent study mode for specific areas of study not covered by courses listed in the catalog and are to be used in exceptional circumstances.

In such courses, students will engage in a series of activities designed to develop competence in a specified area. Activities should include, but are not limited to, the development and preparation of presentations and special research. Specific requirements should be determined by the student and the instructor. The course designator and primary purpose for the directed study must be consistent, i.e., a directed study aimed at developing teaching skill, regardless of content area, must have an education designator. A directed study will not be used to supplant work-study experiences.

A Directed Study Contract, available from the Student Records Office or any Division office, must be submitted. The prerequisite for directed studies courses is the permission of the instructor and dean approval.

The directed study courses are sophomore level transfer courses, provide 1-4 credits and are numbered 2965 in each discipline. Directed study courses may not be used to fulfill General Education requirements. A maximum of eight credits may be earned through directed study and may be applied to a degree or certificate.