Distance/Online Education

Call the Teaching & Learning Department at (307)855-2161 or e-mail cwcde@cwc.edu.

Initial Log-In Information

Please check your CWC email for log-in information. If you do not receive this information, please contact the CWC HelpDesk at (307)855-2198 for assistance. To avoid delays in receiving materials, please register early for distance delivered courses and provide a current address to the Student Records Office.

Interactive Web Conferencing

Distance delivery web conferencing is a hybrid educational delivery system. This system allows real time interaction between instructor and students located off campus via web conferencing. Classes are held at CWC campus or outreach center; however, it is not necessary for students to go to one of the sites. The web conferencing option serves students from any computer that has access to the internet. To register for these classes, please contact Rustler Central at (307) 855-2115.

Web (Online Instruction)

Students are required to have internet and computer access. Some courses also require specific software. Skills in word processing, email and Internet use are necessary for success. Computer and Internet access are available on-campus and at selected outreach centers for enrolled students.

IMPORTANT: Enrolling in a course being recorded or transmitted over the Interactive Classroom Network indicates you understand there is a chance you may appear on the recording and/or be visible to students at a remote site and that you give your consent to being seen by other students.

Student Services and Distance Learners

Services are available to distance students to help ensure their success. In addition to those services discussed in this handbook, such as counseling services, registration and records information, library resources, textbooks and other supplies, CWC also provides online tutoring for students who need additional assistance. Access to information about online tutoring can be found by signing into the myCentral student portal at https://www.cwc.edu/mycentral/and clicking on the NetTutor link.

Academic Advisement

Taking a distance delivery course does not exempt a student from policies regarding academic advisement. If you are a new student, you must talk to an Academic Advisor prior to registering for classes. The academic advisors can be reached by calling Rustler Central at (307) 855-2115.

Library services

Distance Education library services are available. Please call the CWC Library for assistance at (307) 855-2141.

Getting Your Course Materials

Your first responsibility for any distance education course is to acquire the required textbook and any additional materials for your course. Textbooks and course materials are available from the college bookstore - visit them on the Riverton Campus or, if you live in other areas, the CWC bookstore can mail textbooks and materials to you. Contact the CWC bookstore at (307) 855–2201; or by email at bookstore@cwc.edu. Shipping and handling fees apply.

Canvas: Access to courses via the Learning Management System (LMS)

CWC uses Canvas to provide online access to courses and course material. Canvas is a cloud-based learning management system that makes teaching and learning easier. Login to your CWC account at https://www.cwc.edu/mycentral and click on “MyClasses” to get started. This is where you will fully participate in your online courses and you will also find that some instructors use Canvas to supplement traditional classes. Canvas offers discussion boards for asynchronous discussions and a centralized email (Canvas Conversations) so you can stay in touch with your instructor and communicate with other students. You can submit assignments and take exams as well as complete many other learning activities. Instructors use Canvas to create their own virtual classrooms so you will see the same variety in Canvas as you do in your face-to-face courses. Becoming familiar with the Canvas environment and its tools is the first step in succeeding in your online course. Join in, ask questions, and participate as you would in any classroom.

Instructor Communication

Your CWC instructor is available to you throughout the semester to answer course-related questions. Instructor office hours and contact information are available when you log into your classes. Contact your instructor frequently during the course of any distance education classes. Your instructor will provide you several means of contact in the course syllabus.

Your CWC instructor will contact you throughout the semester as necessary. However, you are encouraged to call, e-mail or write to your instructor at any time for help with course-related problems or questions. If you are on campus your instructor would like to meet with you personally.

Try not to fall behind, but if you do, call your instructor to let him or her know you are having a problem keeping up. Your instructors want you to be successful.

If you are unable to contact your instructor, please contact the Teaching and Learning Department. This office can be reached directly at (307) 855-2161 or by emailing cwcde@cwc.edu. We need to know if you are having difficulty in this area and will forward your message to your instructor. If you live within commuting distance of the campus, don’t hesitate to drop by to visit with your instructor during announced office hours or by appointment.