Campus Security

Department of Campus Security

The personal safety and security of students, staff and visitors, and the protection of property are high priorities at CWC. Therefore, we encourage students, staff, and the public to report all incidents to our department. Creating and maintaining a healthy and safe campus environment requires the cooperation and involvement of everyone. All students, faculty, staff and visitors must assume responsibility for their personal health and safety, and the security of their personal belongings.

The Campus Security Department is currently located in the Main Hall (MH 107) and CWC Security Staff may be contacted by phone at (307)855-2143. The Department of Campus Security Staff is made up of (1) armed Director of Security and (2) armed Security Officers. The Director and Security Officers are retired law enforcement officers with over 82 years of combined service to Fremont County Citizens. The department also has (5) Criminal Justice Students working as Campus Security Interns. Campus Security also covers shifts with off duty Riverton Police Department Officers, 1 Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper, and (3) other retired officers from within Fremont County Law Enforcement.

The department maintains a working relationship with the local police agencies that have law enforcement jurisdiction on and around our main campus and our alternate sites in Lander, Dubois and Jackson.

For more information about CWC’s Department of Campus Security, please see the college website at