ORTM 4970 Internship

The student will have the opportunity to succeed as a professional in park, recreation, tourism, or related organizations. Internships are required to be at least 400 clock hours, and no fewer than 10 weeks. The student will discuss the criteria and requirements of the employers/sponsors and the student with their faculty advisor. Restricted to BAS Outdoor Management & Leadership majors only. (2-12 lab)


1-6 credits

Major Topics

  • Current best practices in outdoor recreation program management
  • Host organization mission, vision, and goals
  • Host organizational structure and business model
  • Recreation program planning, site selection, and delivery
  • Marketing and recruiting for outdoor programs


In order to successfully complete this course, the student will:

Document completion of 400 internship hours.

Demonstrate problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and innovation in the workplace.

Apply resourceful leadership principles to challenges and solutions within the outdoor recreation and tourism industry.

Evaluate practical, creative, ethical, and theoretical frameworks in a professional circumstance.

Practice dynamic relationships in a professional setting.