MUSC 1050 Private Lessons:

MUSC 1050 provides individual instruction on a musical instrument for non-music majors. Through the study of different periods and styles of music, students learn music theory related to their instrument, performance technique, and the cultural/historical context of those works of music. Students evaluate their skills through required video recording, discussion in Studio Class and optional performances. Credits earned in this course on the chosen instrument or voice are not transferable for students whose area of emphasis is music. Students should practice a minimum of 4 hours/week. Instructor's permission is required for lab scheduling purposes only. (.5 lect. for 1 credit, 1 lect. for 2 credits) Baritone/Euphonium Bass Cello Clarinet Flute French Horn Guitar Oboe Percussion Piano Saxophone Trombone Trumpet Tuba Viola Violin Voice Individualized instruction in various instruments is dependent upon availability of qualified instructors. ARTS


1 - 2 credits

Transfer Status

Transferable to UW.