G&R 2033 Rock Climbing:

This is a base camp course that includes some backcountry travel, emphasizing leadership and teamwork. Outdoor skills learned in this course include map reading, navigation, hiking and low-impact camping. Climbing skills include belaying, knots, rope handling, signals, top-roping and rappelling, climbing ethics, protection placement, anchor building and climb leading. While this course will focus on outdoor skills, expedition behavior will be part of the course curriculum. Students will learn to live and work closely with their course mates. Tolerance for adversity and uncertainty, respect for others and the environment, and a willingness to work hard will be critical to success. Students should expect ongoing verbal coaching and feedback throughout the course, as well as verbal performance summaries at the end of each section. There will also be opportunities for interpreting and understanding the natural environment. This is a demanding and fast-paced course. This course may be repeated once with a different skill set or in a different location. (1-5 lect.) (Max 6)


1 - 5 credits