CSMO 1702 Infection Control and Sci Standards

This course is required of all certifications offered in CWC’s School of Cosmetology. Topics include infection control, chemistry, electricity, specific anatomy and physiology. The student will learn proper infection control corresponding procedures, anatomy and body systems, and electrical and chemical components. (4 lect.)


4 credits

Major Topics

  • Regulations for Health and Safety

  • Principles of Infection Control

  • Standard Precautions of Preventing the Spread of Disease

  • Professional Standards and Responsibilities

  • Basic of Electricity

  • Basics of Chemistry

  • Anatomy and Physiology


In order to successfully complete this course, the student will:

Identify types and classifications of bacteria.

Explain the differences between cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing.

Demonstrate the proper use of various disinfectants.

Explain the standard precautions for preventing the spread of diseases.

Describe professional responsibilities.

Identify four types of tissues found in the body.

Identify body systems, bones, muscles, and veins.

Describe the three states of matter.

Explain oxidation-reduction reactions.

Explain the differences among solutions, suspensions and emulsions.

Explain pH and how the pH scale works.

Describe the nature of electricity and the two types of current.

Describe the principles of electrical equipment safety.

Demonstrate the proper use of electrical equipment cosmetologists use.

Describe the types and benefits of light therapy.