CSMO 1620 Esthetics Concepts Lab

This is an advanced course in esthetics that provides hands-on instruction to complement CSMO 1610 Esthetics Concepts.  This course coversinfection control procedures, facial machine use, facial hair removal, client consultation for makeup and machine facials, makeup application techniques, and advanced skincare practices. Prerequisite: Completion of CSMO 1600 and CSMO 1605.  (4 lab.)


2 credits

Major Topics

  • Use of Facial Machines

  • Hair Removal

  • Advances skin analysis

  • Facial Makeup

  • Client consultation


In order to successfully complete this course, the student will:

Perform client consultations covering contraindications and advanced practices in skin analysis.

Evaluate skin care products to use based on client consultation.

Perform machine facials including Wood’s lamp, steamer, rotary brush, vacuum, high frequency, and galvanic current using proper infection procedures.

Perform makeup techniques following infection control standards.

Create makeup project using proper infection control procedures.

Perform complete machine facial using one advanced procedure.