ANTH 2020 Material Culture Studies

This course provides introductory level, lab-oriented hands-on practical training in the handling, identification, analysis, cataloging, report writing, conservation, curation, exhibition, and proper storage of material culture objects including prehistoric and historic archaeological artifacts, museum objects, art, and other cultural objects. Through readings, discussions, field trips, and practical applications, students will preserve and utilize material culture remains in archaeological laboratory and museum workshop and exhibit situations. The course introduces students to theoretical arguments about the nature and function of cultural representations and provides an introduction to museum organization; museological theory and philosophy; concepts of museum exhibition and interpretation. It discusses how collections and objects can be used as sources of meaning and information, and how museums and numerous other institutions can be used as educational resources. This is a methods class and may require students to lift and carry large, heavy, awkward, very fragile, and/or delicate objects, nearly all of which are irreplaceable. This course may also require the use of power and hand carpentry and other tools. Prerequisite: Instructor's permission. (1 lect., 4 lab)


3 credits

Transfer Status

Transferable to UW.