Dropping or Withdrawing from Classes

If you are having problems with class, try the following steps BEFORE you go through the process of withdrawing from a class.

  1. Talk with the instructor. They are willing to help. Often a short visit with an instructor solves questions about the class. Make the first move and go in for a visit. Your instructor’s office number and office hours should be listed on the course syllabus.
  2. See your Success Coach or Faculty Advisor. This individual is here to assist you with all aspects of your educational planning. Get to know your Faculty Advisor and seek out his or her assistance.
  3. Deans are also available, by appointment, to visit with students about classroom and academic concerns.
  4. Counselors invite students to share problems and concerns. If you schedule an appointment with one of the counselors, it may cut down on the possibilities of interruptions during your visit.
  5. Go to Rustler Central to determine any impact on any financial aid awarded.

If you have talked with appropriate faculty and staff members and still feel you would like to withdraw from a class, contact your Success Coach or Faculty Advisor. If withdrawal is your best option, your Success Coach or Faculty Advisor will work with you to follow the proper process. Failure to follow the proper process by the deadline may result in you receiving failing grades on your permanent transcript.